Direct Approach

We take the initiative to contact the talents... that we will persuade to become candidates.

“KEYTAL International” means Executive Search in a tailor-made approach of :

  • Director (of companies, Business Units, Activities...), members of Board of Directors, etc
  • Managers, supervising teams hierarchically and/or functionally,
  • Experts, specialists with sharp and rare skills.

We first invest time to thoroughly understand the business sector, the position to be fulfilled and the environment of our client.

Then, based on a confirmed job description, we agree on an ideal “target candidate”, in order to identify the closest business sectors to investigate in growing circles.

Following a strictly comprehensive process, we identify the key professionals who should fit at best with our job description. Seldom are successful professionals in a position to look for job opportunities in the market.

We have a seasoned professional experience to approach and attract key talents. When we contact them, confidentiality is always our number one concern. In a second step, we strongly believe that face to face interviews are a unique opportunity to evaluate, select and convince the very best candidates to further inquire. At last, we consistently confirm the quality of the track record and personality through reference checks.

We offer active support to our clients as well as the selected candidates during the final decision/negotiation, and we insure some subsequent follow up in a long term relationships.

For each of our missions, we rely on :

  • Our professional networks, expanded over many years of assignments,
  • A team of multicultural research assistants and sourcing partners, who will support the Assignment Director : he/she is the permanent contact person in charge of the assignment in front of our client,
  • High-performance technological tools to manage all our assignments, candidates applications and communication flows, to provide both agility and capitalization.


We master all traditional recruitment techniques. Over the years, we have successfully adapted them to the digital environment: web, job boards, social networks, mobile....

We accuratey rely on:

  • a perfect knowledge of the digital tools best adapted to the communication of career opportunities,
  • high-performance technological tools to manage our assignments, the applications from the candidates and the communication flows. As a result, we build up both agility and capitalization,
  • adapted selection tools, from in-depth interviews to personality tests, supplemented by systematic reference checks.

From Johannes Gutenberg to Steve Jobs…


Enhancing the performance…

Starting from an “Executive Search” expertise, we have been requested to support our clients throughout the professional life cycle of their Top Executives, Managers and Experts (some of them were our ex-candidates).

A Coach may become a key resource person when facing some specific situations: becoming a new member of an Executive Committee, taking up a challenge in a new business sector, starting a new managing position and fulfilling one’s new role, living a great career change…


In some specific situations, we are required to make strong candidature analysis in order to :

  • control external hiring processes,
  • make sense regarding internal career mobility.

We build our diagnosis on a set of observations :

  • Thorough interviews to measure the professional know-how, as well as personal abilities to adapt to a new position and to its environment: professional experience, personality, motivations…
  • A genuine knowledge of testing tools and registered evaluation models, focused on personality analysis,
  • Systematic and deep professional reference checking.

These services are always carried out with a dual outlook:

  • First of all, by the “Assignment Director”, who perfectly knows our client and his environment. Our evaluation is fully designed in this perspective,
  • Additionally, a second KEYTAL International consultant will support the process, focusing on analysis based upon testing material.

Our conclusions are presented in a synthetic dossier. At the end of the process, we provide face to face feedback, both to the client and to the candidate.

Securing the decision for prospective candidates.